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Current Residence: Household
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXXXXXXXXSMALLL
Print preference: Tommy Joe Ratliff
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite photographer: KRISTIIIINNNN(khristmas)
Favourite style of art: That one style
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: Tommy! (and me and my sister)
Skin of choice: Hearts
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob
Personal Quote: "I wuv chu"

Time started quiz : 8:54pm

1. Name : Kara

2. Nickname(s) : carebear! kura!

3. Gender: Female

4. When do you feel best (morning, afternoon, night): night?

5. Are you talkative?: Yeess!

6. Tend to find fault with others: ...Huh????

7. Does a thorough job : sometimes. depends on my mood!

8. Is depressed : Nope

9. Is relaxed and handles stress well : usually

10. Is curious about lots of different things : Yeah i am a curious kitty!

11. Is full of energy : ALMOST ALWAYS!

12. Starts fights with others : It depends what they do. If they make me mad, yes!

13. Worries a lot : hmmm.. sometimes

14. Is lazy : I can be

15. Cold or Hot?: Cold

16. Light or Dark?: Dark

17: Sweet or Salty?: sweet!

18. Coke or Lemonade?: Coke, lemonade makes my teeth feel weird!

19. Candy or Popcorn?: CANDY!

20. Loud or Quiet?:  LOUD!!!

21. Fast or Slow?: Fast

22. Soft or Hard?: IDK

23. Easy or Difficult?: It depends

24. Shiny or Sparkly? Shiny i guess

25. Vampires or Werewolves?: Werewolves!

26. Puppies or Kittens: BOTH!!

27: Rain or Shine? Rain

28: Country or City?: City please

29: France or Fiji? France!

30. Hamburger or Hot dog? It depends where its from

31. Palm tree or Weeping Willow? Palm trees!

32. Dancing or Painting? DANCING IM A BEAST AT IT!

33. Story writing or Reporters Writing? Story writing

34. TV or Computer? Computer!

35. Facebook or MySpace? I prefer facebook, but i dont have either!

36. Windows or Mac? Windows

37. Paint (program) or Photoshop? Photoshop is cooler!

38. Bases or Normal Computer Drawing? Bases?

39. Computer Drawing or Freehand? Freehand!!!!

40. Colour or Black and White? Black and White

41. or ?  vut?

42. Anime or Manga? Anime!

42. Have a Diary? PSH I WRITE IN MINE DAILY! JK! no! diaries are for losers!

43. Have a stuffed toy? duh!

44. Used to have one? dur!

45. What was / is it? too many to name!

46. Have a pet? 2 actually

47. What is/are they/it ? kitty cats!

48. Have an instrument? A guitar, keyboard, and recorder

49. Do you have a piggy bank (any shape) ? yeah, its a pink pig (how ironic)

50. Do you own more than 5 computer games? No but i use to(:

51. Do you know who Zelda is? Yeah, thanks to my sister!

52. Do you have an ipod or mp3 or CD player? indeed!

53. Do you have a gaming console? Yeah wii ps2 and i gave away my gameboy and ds!

54. Do you have a bookcase? i think so.

55. Do you own a novelty item, e.g. hannah montana gum boots, spongebob umbrella? I LOVE SPONGEBOB

56. Can you knit? not 100...

57. Can you crochet? I can, my aunt taught me

58. Can you sew? no..

59. Can you do the can can? i can squish a can..

60. Can you play more than one instrument (including vocal training) noo

61. Can you whistle? Sortaish

62. Can you curl your tongue? Yes

63. Can you click your fingers? yeah

64. Can you touch type? whats that suppose to mean?

65. Can you eat chilli? i can but it tastes weird.

66. Can you read books with more than 600 pages? Yeah but i dont like reading that much.

67. Can you crack your knuckles? Yeah..??

68. Can you crack your neck? Yeah

69. Can you crack your toes? YES!

70. Can you crack your fingers? YES!

71. Can you do the moon walk? kind of

72. Can you eat snails? NASTY!

73. Can you cook? Not really

74. Can you sing? Not very well.

75. Can you dance? Yes im awesome at it. you should see my moves!

76. Can you talk in chipmunk? i've been told i have sounded like fred before.

77. Can you raise your eyebrows? Yeah i just did at a couple of the questions abouve ^^

78. Can you raise one eyebrow? Kind of.

79. Can you sing the song banana phone? i dont think i know that song.

80. Can you eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar? I WOULD BARF!

81. Do you like pickles? Yes i do!

82. Do you like pie? Yeah

83. Do you like mayonnaise? nooope

84. Do you like tomato sauce? on speghetti however you spell it

85. Do you like candy floss? Yeah

86. Do you like pumpkin? pumpkin pie? yes

87. Do you like asparagus? EWW

88. Do you like brussel sprouts? EWW

89. Do you like beans? YEA

90. Do you like silver beet? Never had it

91. Do you like carrots? yea but i have to be in the carrot mood

92. Do you like potato? sometimes.

93. Do you like kumura (sweet potato)? bleh

94. Do you like tomatoes? not realy.

95. Do you like apples? indeed i do

96. Do you like bananas? yes, always have(:

97. Do you like pears? Not really.

98. Do you like oranges? yes

99. Do you like mandarins? never had one.

100. Do you like strawberries? Yeah

111. Do you like blueberries? sometimes

112. Do you like blackberries? sometimes.

113. Do you like peaches? Theyre okay

114. Do you like raspberries? not really.

115. Do you like nectarines? Not really.

116. Do you like music? I LOVE music!

117. Do you like classical music? not necessarily

118. Do you like rock music? as long as its not like IMA KILL YOU

119. Do you like pop music? Yes

120. Do you like rap music? it depends

121. Do you like hip hop music? yeah...

122. Do you like techno music? Some of it is cool

123. Do you like writing? What am i writing for?

124. Do you like reading? not really.

125. Do you like art? Yeah but my art teacher dont like me.

126. Do you like dancing? Love dancing!!!

127. Do you like ipods and mp3s? Yep, have them both!

128. Do you like animals? I love animals

129. Do you like wild animals or domestic? Yeah both

130. What's your favourite genre of music? pop/hip hop/some rockish

131. What's your favourite genre of book? Mystery

132. What's your favourite food? This one type of chicken that my aunt made.. MMM

133. What's your favourite candy? kit kat

134. What's your favourite book? Right now? IDK dont really read.

135. What's your favourite animal? panda.

136. What's your favourite season? Fall

137. What's your favourite song? Going under -evanesence

138. What's your favourite music composer? I DONT KNOW! I LIKE ALOT OF MUSICIANS! LOL

139. What's your favourite band? evanescence

140. What's your favourite subject? whatever subject that the teacher makes it fun. varries every year usually.

141. What's your favourite job? ummm...

142. What's your favourite career? i dont know yet

143. What's your favourite number? 5 and 7.. and 8.. idk

144. What's your favourite day? Saturday

145. What's your favourite time? 8:28

146. What's your favourite breakfast? WAFFLES AND CHOCOLATE MILK!

147. What's your favourite lunch? hamburger? haha

148. What's your favourite dinner? that one chicken i told you about before

149. What's your favourite place to have a date? i dont really know.

150. What's your favourite website? Twitter probably

151. What's your favourite shape? Rhombus

152. What's your favourite colour? PURPLE

153. What's your favourite pattern? hmmm.. thats a really random question that i have never really thought about.

154. What's your favourite quote? "i dont have a favorite quote" -kara

155. What's your favourite artist? IDK!

156. What's your favourite author? IDK!!!

157. What's your favourite outfit? my shorts with a shirt. depends on my mood. or a tanktop and a belt with brown flip flops!

158. What's your favourite computer game? I dont play computer games

159. What's your favourite gaming consol? dont have one

160. What's your favourite place to be? The beach with my bff emma!

161. What's your favourite thing to do? hang out with my friends and have a blast. i love the beach!

162. What's your favourite movie? I am number 4! :P

163. What's your favourite actor? I really dont know.

164. What's your favourite actress? again... i really dont know.

165. What's your favourite movie snack? skittles or sour patch kids.

166. What's your favourite place to watch movies? The movies. duh.

167. What's your favourite accessory? bracelets. this one i got from a teacher, and i <3 boobies one, a rainbow one,
a hairtie, and on my other wrist a green xtremefun center one.

168. What's your favourite art material to use? Colored pencils

169. What's your favourite place to work on your art? My house

170. What's your favourite drink? yoo-hoo

171. What's your favourite flavor? it depends

172. What's your favourite eye color? Blue <3

173. What's your favourite hair color? Brown.

174. How many fillings do you have? None!

175. How many times have you brushed your teeth today? Once but when im done with this or in the middle im going to again.

176. How many deviations do you have? none that i know of! i have faves though

177. How many page views do you have? idk and i dont wanna check.. this is where my lazy side comes in!

178. How many people have favourited your work? I have to check AGAIN....1,988!

179. How many favourites do you have? none that i know of.. again!

180. How many journal entries have you done? like... NONE

181. How many bookmarks (computer) do you have? idk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

182. How many things are on your desktop? 17 but i deleted one while checking so 16!

183. What is your desktop picture right now? JUSTIN BIEBER!

184. What is your screen saver of? JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

185. What time is it? 9:28pm

186. What is your computers hard drive called? I have no idea

187. What's the name of the nearest book to you? The diamond of darkhold

188. Where are you right now? In the kitchen area by my living room sitting in a chair!

189. What was the last movie you watched called? Toy story 3?

190. What have you got planned for tomorrow? Hang out with emma or my cousin

191. What are you wearing? jean shorts and a light blue tshirt.

192. How many quizzes are in your journal? Idk.. none. this one is probably going to be

193. Do you like doing quizzes? they can be fun

194. Why are you doing this quiz? cuz i have nothing better to do.

195. Favourite emote goes here :  -_-

196. Favourite plz account goes here : idk

197. Link to your best picture :?

198. First word that comes to mind? paper

199. What day is it? Friday

200. What day is your birthday? July 3rd

201. How many days till your birthday? a little less and 3 months

202. What do you want for a present? A new phone (:

203. What's the best thing you own? my phone haha. i need a new one tho ^^

204. What stereotype are you? e.g. nerd, prep, jock, goth : Prep..

205. What's your favourite word? bubbly

206. Why? Cause its fun to say! duh!

207. Do you have a cell phone? YES! I text all the time lol

208. How many contacts do you have? (if you don't have a cell phone put N/A) 68

209. What is your screen saver on your phone of? a pic of the sunset that i took the other night!

210. What games are on you phone? bejweled demo, diner dash, and texas hold'em poker

211. Is there something important you should be doing while you're doing this test? not that i know of.. haha

212. Do you wish this quiz would end? kinda but then i wouldnt know what to do!

213. Do you have an internet diary? ummmmmmm NO! what the sniff!

214. Are your nails painted? no i just took off my nailpolish the other day!

215. Do you have highlights? Yeah alot but they are all natural!

216. Smoke? nope. i hate when people smoke around me.

217. Have a disorder? Not that ive been diagnosed with :D :P

218. Have drugs? NO!

219. What did you do yesterday? went to school. came home. did all my homework. texted. went to sleep.

220. Do you think anyone who watches you has read this far? if they watch me, then they are stalkers! jk idk..

221. How many people watch you? 100000000000000000000000000000!

222. The first person to watch you was : probably my sister haha.. sad, i know

223. Second? IDK

224. Third? IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

225. Fourth? really??? IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

226. Why are you on deviant art? cuz i wanted to see what it was like so i made an account! hah

227. When did you first start? i dont keep track foo!

228. What's your personal quote? "dont mess with me"

229. Operating system? Windows

230. Hero? SUPERMAN!

231. Favourite cartoon character? SPONGEBOB FTW DEFF!

232. Book character? idk

233. Movie character? Idk!

234. Pick up the book next to you, page 26, line 8? (this is sooo lame) "News!" she cried.

235. What do you do in your spare time? text hang with friends andddd yeah.

236. What's your favourite TV show? dont really watch tv.. deff more of a music fan

237. I like long quizzes... do you? sometimes but not school ones haha

238. Best friend/s? Emma

239. Have you started a deviant art family? no...

240. Are you going to? dont plan on it.

241. Do you even know what that is? not really.

242. Has at least one of these questions confused you? Yeaaahhhh!

243. What season is it? SPRING but it SOOOOOOOOO feels like summer

244. What month is it? April

245. What day is it? 8

246. What year is it? 2011

247. What species are you? Idk but people say that they dont know my species!

248. If you were a mythical creature you'd be: A dragon :D :P

249. If you were a drink you'd be: mellow yellow!!!!!! haha

250. If you were an object you'd be: A piece of paper -_-

251. If you were a book you'd be: a book, duh

252. If you were a movie you'd be: a movie! GOSH!

253. Are you bored? Sort of yeah.. kinda annoyed too hahaha!

254. What was the last thing you celebrated? April fools!

255. What was the last thing you posted on deviant art? nothing?

256. Do you do anything for deviant art literature? NOOO NONONONONONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOO!


258. Llama trade? TOTALLY!

259. How many points do you have? as many as UR MOM!

260. Do you have a donation pool open? no..

261. Do you buy your points? NO

262. Do you buy art off deviant art? NO

263. Do you have a premium membership? noooooo

264. Do you have deviant wear? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

265. Are you planning to get a premium membership? no sir!

266. Saving up? NOPE

267. Requests open? NOpE



270. Commissions? NOOOOO

271. You you have a skype or IM? IM yeah

272. Online names you've used? oreo2cutie kara703

273. On your computer what's your user name? Kara<333

274. Are your pillows feather pillows? sometimes it depends what mood im in. why do u wanna know?

275. Ever had a pillow fight? Yesssss

276. Are you athletic? yeah.

277. Do you do any sports? Use to but then i quit and im goin back

278. Are you allergic to anything? yeah i got hives from this certain lolipop once. -_-

279. Do you like to try new things? Sometimes

280. Are you planning to enter the most recent deviant art competition? NOPE

281. Do you have a guilty pleasure? ...

282. What is it? ...

283. Your favourite computer font is? i dont have one!

284. Your favourite word processor? .......

285. Do you wear jewelery? yeah.. i usually wear bracelets as i said d4 and this friendship necklace! and i have my ears piercd! whoo!!!

286. Do you wear make up? sometimes if i wanna

287. Are you obsessed about what you look like? Sometimes.. not obsessed...?? lol

288. How many accounts do you have on deviant art? Just this one

289. Do you have any posters in your room? Yes, Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa, and a spongebob one.. adam and gaga are hers!

290. Do you share your bedroom with anyone? Sister.........................

291. Do you have your walls wallpapered or painted? My closet is painted. my bedroom is white!

292. What colour / pattern are they? Like a green color.. its pretty sweet!

293. Name of book next to you? -_- idk!

294. Do you have birthday parties? Not really.. i usually just go to them

295. Something weird about you? My personallity i guess

296. What are your initials? KMK

297. Do you have braces? No but im getting them over the summer probably! WHOO!

298. Skin color? White.. but im not like WHITE im tan haha

299. Glasses/Contacts? Nope i have pretty good eyesight!

300. Tattoos? No but i want one (:

301. Mannerisms? not reallu

302. Piercings? one on my right earlobe one on my left earlobe and one on my left cartalige and i want my nose& bellybutton pierced!

303. Do you have a birthmark? yeah one

304. What's your favourite thing for breakfast? WAFFLES HAVENT WE BEEN OVER THIS!

305. What's your favourite website? TWITTER WE HAVE BEEN OVER THIS TOO

306. Do you have a crush on someone? MAYBE I DO MAYBE I DONT

307. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? -_- WHAT THE HECK!

308. Do you have a secret talent? yes totally!

309. Can you sing the alphabet backwards? No but i wanna know how! lol

310. Can you eat a whole pizza? OMG I LLOOVVEE PIZZA! ITS MY 2ND FAVEE FOOD!

311. Can you speak any different languages? Been taking spanish since 5th grade.. im in the end of 7th grade now.

312. Have you won something at the lottery? nooo i dont think so

313. Ran away? out of the classroom when i was little.

314. Solved a rubix cube? i always fail

315. Gone out in public in your pj's? ummm YEAH!

316. Seen a shooting star? yeah

317. Had surgery? noo.

318. Gotten lost? YES

319. Broken a bone? No but sprained.

320. Been to disney land? For a field trip once

321. Been arrested? LOL no

322. Been to any other countries? I want to badly but i havent yet

323. You are annoyed by? ALOT OF PEOPLE

324. Your are tired of? A lot of things and people!

325. You will always? Be bffs with emma!!

326. What country do you live in? United States

327. Do you think you are popular? Not really. but i have a good amount of friends and i love em all! lol

328. Are you an only child? nooopeeee. sister half sister and 2 half bros!

329. Who are you gonna tag? idk

320. TIME FINISHED QUIZ: 10:04!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

331. How long quiz took you: 1 hour and 10 mins

DO THIS QUIZ (:(:(:(:(:(: (=
  • Listening to: the radio
  • Reading: the computer screen
  • Watching: The computer screen....
  • Playing: on deviantart!
  • Eating: the air
  • Drinking: some more air!

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